• Craig Handy

5 Reasons you should switch to Salesforce Lightning Experience!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Salesforce lightning experience has been out for a few years now but many companies are hesitant to make the switch. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch from classic to lightning experience.

1. Customizing your 'Nav Bar'.

Building a custom app in Salesforce lightning gives your users the ability to choose what is front and centre on their nav bar! Taking the extra few seconds to find the list view you want or search for a daily report may not seem like much at the time but over the course of the day or week it can really begin to add up. Multiply that across your entire user base and that is some serious loss of productivity. Giving the control of what objects are where and allowing an individual to customize to their personal lists and reports means they find what they need quicker and spend more time working with customers.

2. Lightning is meant to be mobile.

Keeping your sales reps connected while they are on the move means a better experience for your customers and ultimately more chances to generate revenue. Lightning experience was designed to be completely seamless between your computer and your phone without the need for complicated development. Simply build it for your desktop users and let Salesforce handle the rest to make it look just as great on the road.

3. Path on every object.

Those familiar with sales path in the opportunity record know how effective it is to be able to visually see what stage their account should be in and feel the satisfaction of moving the deal along the pipe. If this is not already a compelling enough reason, Path has been opened up to use on other objects. Imagine adding a path to your Accounts or Cases and giving your users an efficient way understand at what stage the record is at with just a quick glimpse.

4. Page layout possibilities.

Getting the most relevant information in front of your users is paramount to enable them to be successful. Lightning experience gives you everything you need to create an optimized view for each team. Plus, you can add a variety of different widgets to the page, from local time clocks to territory maps, there is an endless number of combinations waiting to be capitalized on.

5. Lightning Experience is the future.

Salesforce is putting almost their entire focus on making lightning experience 'thee Salesforce experience'. With that in mind, innovation is happening for lightning experience and classic will get left in the dust. Granted, when lightning experience first launched in 2015 it lacked many key features we knew and loved in classic. Fast forward to today and most of the features I love either don't exist or don't work well in classic. Getting on board the lightning train means getting everything new Salesforce has to offer and preparing your company to reach new heights.

Is switching to lightning experience something you are considering but not sure where to start? Shoot us an email at info@jamesonstrategies.com and let's chat about what you will need to have a successful transition to the future of Salesforce.

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